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Ode an die Freude

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Umm, I’ve never seen anything like that before!

Wasser auf dem Mars gefunden

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Wasser auf dem Mars

Wasser auf dem Mars – poc’s soup

Grösster Schatz

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Lustiges von

Groesster Schatz

NICHTLUSTIG ist sowie so ein Schatz an lustigen (!!) Comics. Und man kann die neusten Comics bequem im Feedreader lesen.

Fünf Pfund?

Friday, November 14th, 2008

five pounds

Fünf Pfund?

gefunden bei: Five pounds? « Criggo

Der Astronaut

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Happy Birthday, Loriot!

Prison Break Dog

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Lauf!! Lauf!!

Top 10 things likely to be overheard from a Klingon Programmer

Friday, October 31st, 2008
  1. Specifications are for the weak and timid!
  2. You question the worthiness of my code? I should kill you where you stand!
  3. Indentation? I will show you how to indent when I indent your skull!
  4. What is this talk of release? Klingons do not make software releases. Our software escapes leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake.
  5. Klingon function calls do not have parameters – they have arguments – and they ALWAYS WIN THEM.
  6. Debugging? Klingons do not debug. Our software does not coddle the weak.
  7. A True Klingon Warrior does not comment on his code!
  8. Klingon software does not have BUGS. It has FEATURES, and those features are too sophisticated for a Romulan pig like you to understand.
  9. You cannot truly appreciate Dilbert unless you’ve read it in the original Klingon.
  10. Our users will know fear and cower before our software! Ship it! Ship it and let them flee like the dogs they are!

Numerical Sex Positions

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Numerical Sex Positions

xkcd – A Webcomic – Numerical Sex Positions

The Internet Overdose Song

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Google me, plurk me, feed me! Deliciously linked-in.

Maggi Bachstubensuppe

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Bei Tisch herrscht Hure – äääh Ruhe!

[gefunden beim cappellmeister]

PS: Der Titel Bachstubensuppe ist kein Tippfehler. Am Ende der Werbung steht das tatsächlich!