Woman spotted yesterday reading today’s paper

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  1. John Dean says:

    I am working on the 2nd edition of a Java textbook (google “amazon dean java”), and it occurred to me that it might be fun to use the “Woman Spotted Yesterday” picture (from http://blog.stefan-weigand.de/2010/11/10/woman-spotted-yesterday-reading-todays-paper/) in the book.

    I’ve been searching for quite a while to find someone who can tell me that it’s legal for me to use the picture in my book. If I don’t find something, McGraw-Hill won’t allow the picture to be used.

    Are you the owner of the picture?
    Can we use the picture for free?
    If not free, how much would it cost?
    If you don’t own the picture, can you tell me how you found the picture and how I should go about getting permission to use it?
    What else should I know when I talk to the publisher, McGraw-Hill?


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